Tube systems applications


  • Sending and/or receiving: cash, carts, documents
  • Increasing safety, protecting your employees
  • No walking through public areas with cash
  • Secure, Silent and fast transport to safe area
  • Low installation and operational costs
  • Supporting ‘open counters’ with a personal approach

Products used in: Retail & Banks



There is a wide variety of systems specifically designed for the functions they have to perform taking into account the layout and size of the bank. All systems offer simple “hands free” operation, giving you more time for your client. Carriers have snap shut or key locking lids and are available in different colors for different counters. Stations can be completely integrated into branch furnishings by the use of down send - up receive stations. There are also possibilities to build deposit lines from a shopping center to a bank through underground connections.

Retail, Supermarkets & Malls

The checkout can be the most vulnerable square meter in any shop, close to an exit, with many customers in the proximity any one of whom could be tempted by the contents of the cash drawer. With a Telecom pneumatic tube system money can be placed in a carrier or bag. Inserting the carrier into the tube system automatically activates the system. The carrier is then conveyed directly into the cash box or safe, there is no accumulation of cash in the checkout and reconciliation can be carried out during trading hours.


Telecom Medical Tube Systems brochure

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