Since consulting, engineering, installation and service skills are crucial to obtain a reliable system, Telecom collaborates with local Certified Dealers to serve more than 12.000 customers in 45 countries. All dealers are evaluated each year on their technical knowledge, quality of consulting, installation and service.

All dealers participate in Telecom’s Partner Program and can rely on our Training Centre, support with consulting, engineering, testing and commissioning as part of Telecom’s commitment. Choose your Telecom Certified Dealer from the list. No Telecom Certified Dealer in your country? Contact us here

Address approximate
HSN Ingenieria  |   Argentina website
Benchmark Pneumatics & Security pty ltd  |   Australia website
België  |   Belgium website
Isomtec  |   Brazil website
Dianel 2000  |   Bulgaria website
Telecom Medical Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.  |   China website
BTST Co., Ltd  |   China website
Chaher S.A.S. Ingenieria Hospitalaria  |   Colombia website
Messer Colombia S.A.  |   Colombia website
Stefany & Asociados  |   Dominican Republic website
Wadi El-Neel  |   Egypt website
BBTechnics  |   Finland website
SNEF NICE  |   France website
Tuppi GmbH  |   Germany website
Kazarian K. & Co.  |   Greece website
Associated Engineers, Ltd.  |   Hong Kong website
PES Installations Pvt. Ltd.  |   India website
Telecom India PTS  |   India website
PT Aneka Gas Industri  |   Indonesia website
Arya Nickson Rose co.  |   Iran website
Sama Al-Kwait  |   Iraq website
R.S. Industries Ltd.  |   Israel website
Elettromeccanica Centrale  |   Italy website
S&S Engineering Corporation  |   Japan website
Medical Engineering Company (MEC)  |   Kuwait website
Euroelektronika UAB  |   Lithuania website
Mecomb Malaysia SDN. BHD.  |   Malaysia website
Scitum Ltd.  |   Nigeria website
Telecom Pakistan  |   Pakistan website
Serdel Panama  |   Panama website
SYSTIK SP.Z.O.O.SP.K.  |   Poland website
Avatar Security  |   Romania website
Telecom Russia  |   Russia website
Al Faisaliah Medical Systems (FMS)  |   Saudi Arabia website
Mecomb Singapore Ltd.  |   Singapore website
Transaction Control Technologies (SA)  |   South Africa website
KOOMYANG INDUSTRIES, INC  |   South Korea website
Teletecnics S.L.  |   Spain website
Matrix Medical Supplies co.  |   Sudan website
Harsons Trading Inc.  |   Suriname website
ITK AB  |   Sweden website
Yiwei Electronic Company Limited  |   Taiwan website
Medical Vision Ltd  |   Thailand website
Telecom bedrijfscommunicatie b.v.  |   the Netherlands website
Ankara Hamak Mak. San. ve Tic. A.Ş.  |   Turkey website
TEKNIKON  |   Turkey website
MPC Healthcare  |   U.A.E. website
Quirepace Ltd.  |   UK website
Mitalab Company Limited  |   Vietnam website