Privacy statement and cookie policy

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Date: May 2018  

In our privacy statement we clarify which data we collect and for what purpose the data are used.

Our privacy statement applies to all services of Telecom bedrijfscommunicatie b.v. and not to services of third parties. By using our website you accept our privacy policy.

We will collect and use the personal data you provide because these are necessary for entering a possible agreement with you and to carry it out. This applies to our (potential) customers as well as to our suppliers of goods and services. You are not obliged to provide your personal data. However if you do not or supply insufficient personal data, it is very well possible that we cannot carry out the agreement.

Processing personal data

The personal data are saved onto a secure server.

Transfer to third parties

We have partners in many countries. If the services to be rendered will take place in another country than  the Netherlands, only then we will transfer the personal data you provided to our partner in the respective country.


E-mail and other messages you send us will be saved onto our secure server. The personal data are only used to carry out our services and will not be used for the other purposes.

Retention personal data

If you did not become our customer or we did not become yours, we will delete your personal data
2 years after our last contact. If you become our customer or we yours, we will retain your personal for
7 years after the end of the fiscal year in which the agreement with you has been fully carried out. This period of 7 years corresponds with the period that we are obligated to retain our administration for the taks authorities. After this period we will delete your personal data.


Our website uses Google Analytics cookies. We have a data processing agreement with Google. The last octet of the IP addresse is masked. We switched off "sharing data". We do not use other Google services in combination with the Google Analytics cookies.


The privacy policy is in line with the use and the possibilities of Possible
adjustments and/or changes to our site can lead to changes in our privacy policy. The most up to date version of our privacy policy is always on our website. Therefore we advise you to check our privacy policy regularly.


For all questions or remarks about our privacy policy and the way we collect and save data, requests for sending or changing your personal  data, please contact