pneumatic tube for government buildings

Application in government buildings

We understand that government buildings are demanding environments that need reliable solutions for efficient and safe transportation of valuable and important items.

Since consulting, engineering, installation and service skills are crucial to obtain a reliable pneumatic tube, Telecom collaborates with local Certified Dealers who have extensive knowledge and experience in implementing pneumatic tubes in government buildings. Together they serve more than 12.000 customers in 45 countries.

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Reliable cash / money transfer solutions for tollplaza's

Telecom is a specialist when it comes to toll plaza applications, having designed a dedicated system for toll plazas. Since part of the tube route is external between the toll booths and the secure area, additional precautions have to be taken to avoid environmental effects such as large temperature differences and lightning strikes and other destructive influences. Our pneumatic tube solution offers, dedicated toll plaza software, 1 or 2 way send/receive options, carrier storage facilities and a secured data network. Please ask us for any consulting regarding Telecom toll plaza pneumatic tube applications.

Toll Plaza application specialist
As a specialist in Toll Plaza application, Telecom has years of experience in developing, designing, producing, engineering, installing and servicing toll plaza pneumatic tube solutions.

For 6 decades Telecom is proud manufacturer of pneumatic tubes. In these years we developed advanced pneumatic tube solutions for numerous government buildings all over the world. A pneumatic tube is a network of tubes and stations, that allows multiple users to send goods in a carrier from station to station in any room to room, floor to floor, building to building. Telecom tube systems provides the means to optimize your organizations’ internal logistics, by increasing productivity in all aspects of internal transport of materials that fit in a carrier and weigh up to 20 kg.

Specialized manufacturer of pneumatic tubes for government buildings.

We are a specialized manufacturer with extensive knowledge and experience in building the best pneumatic tubes for government buildings all over the globe.

At Telecom, we care about your organization. This results in combining full control on development and design of our systems with full focus and dedication to your goals. This way we deliver the optimal fit for your internal logistics process, a pneumatic tube system.

We are fully specialized in pneumatic tube systems and have our own Dutch development, production and service department. Telecom was founded in 1950 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands where we cover all disciplines from developing, designing, prototyping, manufacturing, installing and servicing your complete pneumatic tube.

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