an air tube application to transport the medication

Safe, efficient and reliable transportation of medicines.

Solutions for medication transportation you can depend on.

The transportation of medication requires a reliable solution that ensures a safe and efficient delivery. For over 60 years, Telecom designs, engineers, manufactures and installs air tube applications all over the globe.

Telecom collaborates with local Certified Dealers who have extensive knowledge and experience in implementing air tube applications, specifically designed for medication transportation. Together they serve more than 12.000 customers in 45 countries.

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air tube application for medication - Telecom Tube Systems

Send and receive medication fast, efficient and safe

In order to ensure the safety of patients, medicines need to be at the right place, at the right time, in the right quantity and the right condition. This is a code of conduct that is maintained in hospitals all over the world. Since patients rely on their remedies, it is vital that a medical center does everything in its power to ensure the safe handling of medicines. 

Telecom Tubesystems is specialized in the development, installation, and maintenance of air tube applications for hospitals. To enable doctors, surgeons and other hospital staff to do their job in the best possible way, Telecom has a suitable air tube application for every situation. When a nurse wants to send a medication two floors up, this can be done by pushing one simple button, no errands means no valuable time wasted.

At the send station, a user or robot fills the station from above, which in turn fills the open carrier and sends it to a distribution point. At the receiving station, the carrier drops the medicines in a soft delivery area and goes back automatically. Needless to say, our solutions can save a lot of time and can speed up your logistic process which will lead to better results and more satisfied staff members and clients.

A well-designed and balanced system will save the hospital a substantial amount of money, year after year. However, specifying a air tube application , or collecting the requirements for a system, is not easy without experience and a structured approach. Working with Telecom and their local Certified Dealers means you take advantage of more than 40 year experience in designing and installing systems especially for hospitals. We understand your organization processes and internal logistics.


Why choose Telecom Tubesystems as your partner for tube systems?

The pneumatic tube systems of Telecom Tubesystem are:

    • A cost-effective automation

No need to hire extra personnel in order to get your medicines from point A to B.

    • An increase in productivity

No waiting for arrival of remedies by hospital staff, leaving them with more time to do what they do best.

    • A timesaver

Personnel no longer has to run errands to get the medication from point A to B.

    • Safe and reliable

The risk of contamination is reduced to a minimum with the installation of a pneumatic tube system.

    • An improvement in capacity

Automating the process of sending and receiving the drug via a tube system leaves the possibility of developing capacity in other fields, such as surgery or research.

    • Fast and easy

Carriers are designed to transport remedies noiseless and efficient with zero air resistance. Each station has empty carriers available to send all medicines immediately.

    • User friendly

The interface of our pneumatic tube systems is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use for all hospital employees. Whether a nurse needs to send the medication to another floor, or a laboratory assistant needs to transfer the aid from the lab to surgery.

an air tube application: How does it work?

Hospital environments are known to be dynamic, run by fast-paced personnel with the best patient care in mind. Therefore, in order to keep up with this environment, tube transportation systems need to be, as mentioned above: reliable, safe and quick. But how does the tube system work?

  1. First of all, a pneumatic tube system consists of a network of tubes connected via several stations such as transfer- or receivingstations.
  2. At these stations several carriers are made available for all hospital staff, such as doctors or nurses. These carriers can be used to send and receive medicines securely, efficient noiseless and above all accurate.
  3. These carriers are located at the stations, which are situated in carefully chosen, strategic locations inside the medical center, for example: the laboratory, pharmacy, surgery room or clinic.

For example: When a nurse has the medication she wants to send to the doctor who is on call, two floors up. The nurse places the aid inside the carrier and places the carrier inside the sending station. Next, the nurse enters the desired location of the drug and presses send. Now the fully automated tube system takes over: using air to transport the carrier all the way up to the 4th floor in a matter of seconds. Saving the nurse a trip to the 4th floor while minimizing the risk of contamination of the remedies.

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