pneumatic tube for transporting granulate samples

Safe, efficient and reliable transportation of granulate samples

Solutions for granulate samples transportation you can depend on.
The transportation of granulate samples requires a reliable solution that ensures a safe and efficient delivery. For over 60 years, Telecom designs, engineers, manufactures and installs pneumatic tubes all over the globe.

Telecom collaborates with local Certified Dealers who have extensive knowledge and experience in implementing pneumatic tubes, specifically designed for granulate samples transportation. Together they serve more than 12.000 customers in 45 countries.

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Fast, safe and efficient transportation of documents

A Telecom pneumatic tube streamlines and speeds up the paper handling process of your organization. Our solutions can handle an extensive range of physical documents like the bill of lading, customs document, passports, contracts, notes etc. This way our solutions reduce the time users have to wait for document processing. By using a Telecom pneumatic tube, the users directly send their documents from their location to another location for checking, approval or further processing, saving a considerable amount of time.

Telecom Tube Systems - pneumatic tube specialist

We have extensive knowledge in granulate samples transportation solutions.

We are fully specialized in pneumatic tubes and have our own Dutch development, production and service department. When it comes to safely transporting granulate samples, Telecom has extensive knowledge and experience in how to implement the absolute best solution to meet any of your internal logistics / transportation goals. Telecom was founded in 1950 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands where we cover all disciplines from developing, designing, prototyping, manufacturing, installing and servicing your complete pneumatic tube.

For 6 decades Telecom is proud manufacturer of pneumatic tubes. In these years we developed advanced pneumatic tube solutions for transporting granulate samples, which are implemented all over the globe.

If you are looking for a solution that allows multiple users to send granulate samplesin a carrier from station to station in any room to room, floor to floor, building to building, then a pneumatic tube will most definitely fit your needs and goals. Telecom Tube Systems provides the means to optimize your organizations’ internal logistics, by increasing productivity in all aspects of internal transport of materials that fit in a carrier.

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